The Library

I feel so empty…

(shelf awareness)

I thought I had a pretty good library until I saw this picture.

tillman library

This inspired me to start sharing the books that I have loved. Have you ever read an amazing self-help, inspirational story, or counseling primer book that you could not stop talking about? Well, I have and I will use this page to share some of my favorites with you. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions if you have any! XOXO

A Self-Empowering Female Voice

I recently heard myself criticizing Rachel Hollis. I thought, what could she possibly share about self-care or mental health if she doesn’t have the credentials to back up her claims. I am ashamed to admit that, but hey- I ate my words once I listened to her audio book. I feel like my learning lesson helped to keep my pride in check and remember to continually put humility first. This is for anyone who needs a boost in inspiration and wants to get pumped up about yourself! Love Love Love!!!

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